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Product Specifications:  
  Item code  KSP5011
  Color  White
  Size  A4

  Dimension (WxDxH)

320 x 260 x 16
  Capacity  110g ( Excluding product weight)
  Package (inner/outer)  10/20


Outstanding Features:

  • Standard size can store many different types of documents from A3 paper size to small receipts. Documents stored in the bag can viewed by turning the page in the same way as other clear files

Prints, envelopes, postcards, cards, and other things that tend to be cluttered can be neatly organized by storing them in a hull file. 

It can be attached to a refrigerator or front door with a suction cup to organize and store various documents.

It can be attached to a refrigerator or front door with a suction cup to organize and store various documents.

If you paste it in a double- page spread, you can easily view the documents.

If you close the cover, you can use it like a whiteboard. In addition, it comes with a foldable pen holder.

It can be used by repeatedly sticking and peeling it on tiles, enamel, refrigerator doors, etc.

You can also use it as a wall-mounted file by passing a string through the suction cup hole on the back of the main unit.

If you use the magnet set (sold separately), you can attach it on a metal surface.


    Hull File Magnet Set No.KSP5000-M01

  A magnet set for attaching the Hull File series to a metal   surface. It can be used in a wider range of scenes such as steel doors  and lockers.

   Set content:

   4 magnet parts
   1 magnet sheet (with double-sided tape)


    Magnet parts (ABS, PU, ​​neodymium magnet)
   Magnet sheet

* The magnet sheet can be used with KSP5011, KSP5002, and KSP5008.

How to use: 

  How to paste

Attach the protrusion of the attached suction cup under the mounting hole on the back of the main body, and slide it up as it is to fix it.

After installing the suction cups, press them against the wall so that the suction cups stick evenly, and fix the main body.

When using it with the spread open, open the main body and press the small suction cup firmly to attach it.

Note when using: 

● Do not put anything excluding paper in your pocket.
● Please note that if you insert more than the maximum number of sheets, the cover of the file may not close, the pocket may be due damaged, or the file may fall to the weight and you may be injured.
● If you handle the file violently, such as when opening or closing the cover or flipping the pocket, the file may be damaged or dropped.
● Wipe the object to be installed clean, and then attach the main body with a suction cup.
● Depending on the surface treatment of the refrigerator door, the suction cup may float in a short period of time. If the suction cup floats during use, press it firmly from above.
● Cannot be attached to curved surfaces or uneven surfaces. In addition, the load capacity varies depending on the surface material and processing of the installation surface.
● If it is difficult to attach the suction cup, raise the attachment part firmly by hand.
● Old suction cups may be difficult to attach. Put only the suction cup in boiling water, take it out when the boiling water has cooled, and dry it before use.
● Keep the magnet part away from electronic devices such as personal computers, watches, magnetic cards, and other items that may be affected by magnetism.
● Do not bring the magnet close to a person wearing an electronic medical device such as a pacemaker as it is extremely dangerous. It may impair the normal operation of the medical device.
● Avoid sticking to the heat-dissipating part such as the operation panel of the refrigerator door or the side of the refrigerator.
● Depending on the type of marker, it may be difficult for the ink to disappear.
● Be careful not to scratch the cover. Marker characters are hard to erase.
● Do not use near fire.
● Please dry the printed matter, copy, and photo before putting them in.
● Depending on the printed matter, the main body may be deformed due to chemical changes.
● Do not use or store in direct sunlight or in places with high temperature and humidity.
● Please note that specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.
● King Jim, KING JIM, Spot, SPOT, Hull File, and HARUFILE are trademarks or registered trademarks of King Jim Co., Ltd.


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