Air Conditioner Filter (FLT57-10)

Product information

Reduce dust inside the air conditioner

Product specifications:

Item name Air conditioner filter
Item code FLT57-10
Dimension 570 x 570 mm
Quantity (in 1 pack) 2 sheets
Color White
Material Non-woven fabric
Weight ~ 94g
Package 1/60

A unique 3-D structure that achieves both breathability and energy saving:
1. Limit filter clogging
The 3-D design makes it difficult for dirt to clog and increases breathability
2. Increase the efficiency of the air conditioner
The air filter helps to save electricity usage and increase operating efficiency by preventing dirt from attaching to the air conditioner and air outlet. 

How to attach:
You can freely cut and adjust the dimensions to fit your ceiling air conditioner.
Then remove the protective tape and just stick it like a sticker.

*** Note: Before sticking the filter, it is necessary to ensure the ventilation of the air conditioner!
Before you purchase
Compatible air conditioner models: The ceiling air conditioner that a size of an air outlet is about 57 x 57cm
Compatible Hybrid fan models:
Hybrid fan with plate diameter within 11cm
*** Note: By cutting the perforation in the center of this product, it is possible to combine it with a Hybrid fan.
Signal for replacing:
When the woven pattern becomes clear due to dirt,
you need to replace a new one.
* This is an example of dirty filter
Precautions for using:
  • The filter is for the ceiling air conditioner only, not for other types of machines such as ventilation fans, hoods...
  • Some types of dust and pollen cannot be removed.
  • After removing the filter, if adhesive paste remains, wipe it off with a wet cloth that has been tightly wrung out.



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