Two Forked Sticky Note - 3560-005 - Panda

Product information

Sticky note for highlight and pagination

Product Specifications:

  Item code   3560-005
  Illustration type   Panda
  Width   47 mm
  Height   47 mm
 (inner/ outer)


Outstanding Features

  •  Many choices for decoration
  •  Quality material with high durability
  •  High adhensive & suitable for various surface 

How To Use

Peel off one from the top without glue Bend your legs first Completed by pasting the main body part

Life Application ... 

The broken legs extend to both sides, so
they won't fall over over time and stand out.

It sticks so that it can be clamped even in a three-dimensional place such as a corner.

There is no adhesive side on the back side and you can write on both sidesas a vocabulary book that can be flipped.

Since the paper is able to be placed from both sides, it can be used like an index.

The illustration type can also be used like this ...

Along with inserts and souvenirs

As an eye-catching message memo

Send a message to your back

The mount can be folded and placed on the desk
* Only for illustration type


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