Tepra PRO SR-R170V Label Printer

Product information

Professional label printer from Japan

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Product Specifications:

  Item code   SR-R170V
  Color   Beige
  Width   4, 6, 9, 12, 18 mm
  Approx 183 x 219 x 58
  Weight   580g exclude batteries & tape
  Display   15 characters x 5 rows
  Font   Standard, Serif, Calligraphy, Classic, Art
  Symbols & frames   1,060 words và symbols, 69 frames/table, 6 fonts
  Power   AC Adapter or 6 AA Alkaline Batteries
  Accessories  AC Adapter, User manual, Warranty card
 Trial PRO tape (length 2.5m)

Outstanding features:

  • Vietnamese interface
  • Input languages: Vietnamese & English
  • Input method: VNI/TELEX
  • Ribbon printing



Tepra Pro SR-R170V - Vietnamese version

The label printer is exclusively designed for users in Vietnam. You can easily type any message in Vietnamese in Telex/VNI code. With high mobility and ability to provide various application, SR-R170V is an indispensable partner to carry with when you need to decorate anything

What is it

High mobility & easy to use anytime anywhere
It is a multifunctional label printer.
With a compact design and user friendly interface, SR-R170V provide diverse option for you to decorate your stuffs

Ribbon printing is now available
                You can create wonderful decoration on special events and occasions by                        using ribbon printing function

Support VNI/TELEX.
Easily type Vietnamese message on the printer .


Product's video


How to use

Select a font or a frame and type a message. Press the button on the top left to review and print  Place the label

A variety of fonts & illustrations

You can do the
many things with TEPRA PRO SR-R170V.



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