Tepra Lite LR20E Label Printer

Product information

Compact label printers from Japan

Product specifications:

  Item code   LR20E


  Tape Width   11, 13, 15 mm
  Approx 90 x 115 x 37
  Weight   195g without tape and batteries
  Font   Gothic, Elegant, Handwriting, Classic, Slim,Typewriter, Sweet
  Symbols & frames   669 icons & symbols, 36 frames, 7 fonts
  Power    4 AAA Batteries
  Content   Tepra Lite LR20E, User Manual, Warranty Card


Outstanding Features

  • Various colors and sizes
  • High durability
  • Suitable for many applications in life
  • Compact, ergonomic design
  • Simple and easy operation


Make your days more pleasant with TEPRA Lite.

Just by decorating bottles in the kitchen, bathroom or any of your favourite place with our tapes, daily life will become more colorful and happier.
Share this positive feeling with your family and friends and make your time more enjoyable.

What is it

Easy to use anytime anywhere
It is a palm-sized label printer.
It is user-friendly and can be used whenever and wherever.

The appearance of TEPRA Lite is cute
and can be considered as an interior decoration.

TEPRA Lite is handy and easy to use.
Enjoy label making anytime anywhere.




How to use

Select a font or a frame and type a message. Press the small window-shaped button to print. Push the vent-like button to cut the tape.

A variety of fonts & illustrations

You can do the
many things with TEPRA Lite.

Labelling ingredients, making albums, DIY!
Label items in the kitchen and get things organized with TEPRA Lite.
By using coharu Film Tape,
you don't have to worry about water splash in the kitchen.




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