Hybrid Fan (Big size)

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No electricity consumed and CO2 emssions fan

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Product Specifications:

  Item name   Hybrid Fan (Big size)
  Item code   HBF-FJRCW
  Dimension   Diameter: 1100 mm
  Height: 102 mm
  Diameter range   900 mm - 1100 mm
  Main structural components   Blade brackets: Aluminium
  Blades, bottom cover: Plastic
  Hook set, main body, bolts, screws, steel
  Weight   Main components ≈ 795g
  Hook set ≈ 240g
  Compatible air vent cover   Air vent cover (big size)
  Package   1/10 inner/outer
  Color   Clear


 Outstanding Features

  •  Do not consume electricity
  •  Make the air circulation in a room equable
  •  Avoid direct contact with the air flow of air-conditioner for a long time
  •  Help to reduce the amount of electricity consumed and CO2 emissions



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