Efforts to control the international market

Posted by KING JIM ( VIET NAM) CO., LTD at 12/12/2013

According to the estimated figures from office supplies about stationery products, Vietnamese citizen in the whole country spend about 182 million USD for office stationery supplies to buy office products each year.


With the main kinds of stationery products like A4 copy paper, Lever Arch File, Handbook, Clear File, Pen, Pipe File, etc. This is also a very big opportunity for office stationery supplies in Viet Nam and foreign office supplies in the world, among present office stationery suppliers at Viet Nam is King Jim (Viet Nam) – a prestigious stationery supply from Japan with main stationery products such as King File, Lever Arch File, Clear File, Pipe File, PP Ring File, etc.

Being one of the office supplies and always keeping with the trend of office stationery supplies from all over the world as well as catching the predilection of customers through many surveys about stationery products, King Jim (Viet Nam) has improved the range of office products in model, design, and the price as well to be appropriate with the customer’s expectation. The striking stationery products of King Jim (Viet Nam) at present include Pipe File, Lever Arch File, Clear File, King File Super Dotch, Pipe File, Mouse Scanner, Tepra Pro, Tepra Tape, Boogie Board etc., has satisfied the need of clients, especially office staffs who using office products every day, like file folder, Lever Arch File, Clear File, Pipe File so they have big demand of storing documents carefully with large amount. And this brings good chances to office stationery supplies, especially office supplies have the strength of manufacturing Clear File, Pipe File, King File, etc. like King Jim (Viet Nam).

As other stationery supplies, not only to stop at interior stationery products market, King Jim stationery supply also would like to launch office products into the international stationery products market with the main potential countries such as Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, etc. to become a reliable stationery supply of foreign customers. At the moment there are so many famous stationery supplies which are leading the foreign market with many diversified office products, but King Jim (Viet Nam) are still very proud of its big advantage when being one of the top stationery supplies in manufacturing file and component products.

With Japanese technology and modern manufacturing process in two big factories at Bing Duong province (Viet Nam), King Jim stationery supply is step by step making efforts in producing stationery products to become the best stationery supply in Vietnamese and international office products market. However, all the office supplies do business in Vietnamese or any markets also face the rigorous competition with other brand names and office supplies as well, especially the office stationery supplies come from developed countries like Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, etc. All of these stationery supplies aim to bring the best satisfaction to customers, so their office products are focused on quality, material, color, price as well as variety of file or folder. Customers now have many choices with many reputation office stationery supplies before their buying office products decision so it’s really necessary to make our office products different from other office supplies.

At the moment King Jim (Viet Nam) – a stationery supply with Japanese quality has received high evaluations from both retailers and customers for the useful stationery products like Clear File, Pipe File, Mouse Scanner, Tepra Pro, but because the trend of office supplies market is changing rapidly, King Jim (Viet Nam) also always improves the office products quality to ensure all of King Jim’s stationery products are produced by the best materials.

In addition, Chinese office stationery supplies with the kind of office products like Clear File, Pipe File, Pen, Notebooks, etc. are expanding their markets into Asia and this creates the worries for domestic office supplies in Asia countries. King Jim (Viet Nam) also a stationery supply which early acknowledges the trend of Chinese office stationery supplies and has set up short-term and long-term business plans for stationery products. Labor cost to produce office products (Clear File, Pipe File, PP File) is always a competitive advantage for most of Chinese office supplies, it lead to production cost as well as price of almost stationery products of office stationery suppliers is cheaper than the office supplies from other countries a lot. Recognizing the cheap-price is the advantage of Chinese office supplies and also the important factor in customer’s buying decision, domestic stationery supply has begun producing cheap price products to be able to compete with Chinese stationery supply, so series of new products such as cheap price Pipe File, Clear File, King File, etc. have appeared on the stationery supply market. The products like Clear File, Pipe File, Ring File are sold with cheap price may attract the attention of customers in the early time but product quality of these office supplies can not verify and ensure utterly.

A little bit different from other stationery supplies who paying much attention on model and prices of products, King Jim stationery supply is very careful in choosing material suppliers to be able to produce really valuable and quality office products. Some important kinds of materials like binder, ring binder, pipe file, pp material, etc. to produce Lever Arch File, King File SD, Clear File, Pipe File, Ring File will be spent the strict choice of suppliers and all manufacturing processes are be tested and checked by Quality control Department to make sure the stationery products are really perfect before bringing them to customers.

With all of the efforts and improvements that a stationery supply can do, King Jim (Viet Nam) has still consistent performed the expanding market strategies. And in a near future, the ambition to become the best stationery supply in Viet Nam and on the top of stationery supplies of the world of King Jim (Viet Nam) will soon come true.

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