Clip Board Magflap- 5085GSV

Product information

Innovative magnetic clipboard

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Product Specifications:

  Item code 5085GSV
  Color Blue, Green, Red, Black
  Size A4E
227 x 18 x 325
 (inner/ outer)
10/60 pcs

Oustanding Features:

  • An innovative design with magnetic flaps holding documnents efectively
  • The clip is able to hold lots of documents tightly
  • Elegant colors and design
  • Unique design of 360 degree magnetic flap is more convenient for 2 sides using

Features of "magflap"

 Magnets inside


 1   Back Flap
It firmly holds turned papers.



 2   Bottom Flap
The bottom flap prevents papers' damage and keeps them flat..

              Ordinary clip boards…              

                      It's so stressful!

Choose magflap!
Its bottom flap gives you a solution.



 3   From end to end
      covered top clip

              Ordinary clip boards…              
The corners of paper get wrinkled.

Magflap can hold the top side of paper and
keep it flat.



 4   Position Guideline
Easy positioning by the guideline



 5   Magnets inside
You can attach it to steel-surfaces by magnets
*CAUTIONS when you attach it to steel-surfaces
・Capacity: 10sheets(based on A4 copy paper)
・Be sure to fold back the bottom flap.
*Some surfaces may prevent magnets



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