Tepra Coharu Film Tape - TPT11-002

Product information

Tape for Tepra Lite Machine

Product Specifications:

  Item code   TPT11-002
  Width   11 mm
  Length   04 m
  Rows/tape   01 Row


Outstanding Features

  •  Many choices for color
  •  High Durability
  •  Suitable for various surface




By using TEPRA Lite Film Tape,
you don't have to worry
about water splash in the kitchen
TEPRA Lite Film Tape
Width: 11mm / 13mm / 15mm
Length: 4m
11mm: TPT11-001 bird 11mm: TPT11-002 forest 11mm: TPT11-003 rainy dot
11mm: TPT11-004 stripe green 11mm: TPT11-005 craft beige 11mm: TPT11-006 white
11mm: TPT11-007 smoky blue 11mm: TPT11-008 grege 11mm: TPT11-009 clear
11mm: TPT11-012 smoky pink 11mm: TPT11-013 smoky yellow 11mm: TPT11-014 smoky green
13mm: TPT13C-001 swan 13mm: TPT13C-002 tyrolean flower  
15mm: TPT15-001 animal 15mm: TPT15-002 bouquet 15mm: TPT15-003 window
15mm: TPT15-004 check red 15mm: TPT15-005 craft gray 15mm: TPT15-006 white
15mm: TPT15-007 smoky blue 15mm: TPT15-008 grege 15mm: TPT15-010 bloom
15mm: TPT15-011 cafe 15mm: TPT15-012 smoky pink 15mm: TPT15-013 smoky yellow
15mm: TPT15-014 smoky green    

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